Laura Koekoek - Technical Artist

Basemark GPU
Technical Art lead for gpu benchmark running in in-house engine. More info

Power line generator (Houdini / VEX)
Tool to generate overhead street power lines. More info

Forest (Houdini / Speedtree / Unreal)
Procedural forest generation using heightfields & foliage scattering.

Script loader (Maya / PyQt / SQLite )
Install / run Maya tools along with dependencies from a remote location.Link to Github page

Texture scaling tool (Maya / Python / PyQt)
Fast preview and optimization of texture size. Link to git page

Model - Jet engine
Jet engine model created for AR demo. More info

Vertex density heatmap (Houdini)
Simple vertex density heatmap based on camera position.

Object / scene exporter (Unity)
Export selected objects and materials with a specific material setup to 3DS Max. Link to git page

Skybox converter tool (3DS Max)
Swap between cylindrical and cubemap skyboxes.

Texture file cleanup tool (3DS Max)
Removes unused textures from project folder. Link to git page

Texture validator (Python)
Simple texture validator.

Lava rock material (Substance designer)
Procedural material created with substance designer.